A Guide to Not Just Survive, But Thrive During Menopause

As a man in his late thirties, I’m no expert on menopause. And, I’m probably not the first person Amanda Thebe, the author, had in mind to review her book: Menopocalypse – How I Learned to Thrive During Menopause, and How You Can Too.

As one of her other readers more bluntly put it, “Amanda takes the idea of thriving as you go through the menopause shitstorm to a new, super-practical level.”

Menopause isn’t something that I will go through personally, but I have multiple female clients who have been through or will go through menopause.

It is also something my wife will eventually experience.

Being informed on the subject will help me to understand what they are going through. In the past, when I have tried to do some research on menopause to discover what my clients are dealing with, I’ve found a limited amount of honest, useful, practical advice.

Amanda fixes that with her book. It’s refreshingly honest. Instead of the sterile, textbook-style books or the random blog posts I was limited to before, I now have a far better understanding of what women have to deal with who are going through menopause.

Amanda writes with brutal honesty and humor about her personal experience. She details the confused and frustrating journey from a super-fit 43-year-old personal trainer to struggling with debilitating fatigue, nausea, and extreme mood swings and how she overcame this.

She explains how she figured out that changes to diet, exercise, and mental health were the key.

Sharing her story helps the reader gain insight into what it’s like to live through menopause. This candid account of her menopause experience combined with the latest scientific evidence to support her personal experience is an invaluable guide.

Menopause isn’t a funny subject, but Amanda manages to make you laugh with no filter, straight-talking humor.

Before reading this book, I would have assumed that menopause was something to be survived, suffered, and endured, but Amanda’s book puts a surprisingly positive spin on things.

She shares how she:

  • Lost weight
  • Improved her sleep
  • Ditched depression
  • Found the time and motivation to exercise
  • Overhauled her diet

She accomplished this not just to survive but thrive.

She also provides a step-by-step guide for you to achieve the same.

While Amanda’s story should give women a sense of hope and positivity about menopause, none of it is sugar-coated.

She doesn’t try to convince you it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

Instead, the proactive, positive steps you can take are all delivered in a frank, informed, and witty fashion. Making this an essential, informative, and entertaining guide on how to thrive through menopause.

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