If Progress Is Stalling, These Strength-Training Mistakes May Need Overhauling


Mistakes are a part of life — it’s how you learn. Keep on making the same mistake over and over, however, is something to take notice of and make a priority to fix whatever your setback may be. You’re better than that, and when you know more and know better, better things start to happen — especially when it comes to fixing these common strength training mistakes.

You could be holding back your progress by making some mistakes you may not even know you’re making — such as these four key training progress stallers.

A lack of gains oftentimes results in an increase of frustration, and you don’t want any part of that messing with your training psyche. Instead of tearing down your program — again — take a look at what could be the four strength training mistakes that have nothing to do with technique that may be holding you back.

Mistakes are not terrible as they can be an effective way to learn even when you get hurt. Because you will not be doing that again right? While making mistakes is part of the learning process, fixing your strength training mistakes while under the barbell keeps you safe, helps prevent injuries and medical bills reducing them while efficiently making progress.

Here are four strength training mistakes to avoid:

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