Sugar Addiction: How To Wean Off Sugar

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Do you need extra sugar in Your Cup of Tea?

Do you think some extra sugar will go to enhance your pie or another sweet dish?— Kindly check out if you are addicted to sugar.

Sugar or sugar content is traceable in almost all food items. From processed food to refined grains, sugar is found in almost all the food in excess.

This is indeed a matter of grave concern that we are relying too much on sugar.

According to findings, almost 75% of Americans consume sugar in excess. The cases of sugar addiction are also increasing with the same flow.

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In this article, the nitty-gritty of sugar addiction will be discussed along with the ways by which  excess sugar content could be cut down from a regular diet

Understanding Sugar Addiction

There is ample study that puts forth the fact that consumption of sugar in excess could result in increasing addiction upon people.

Generally, people who suffer from persistent fatigue go towards sugar to seek respite. Sugary foods have the capacity to provide residence against fatigue.

You need to know that sugary foods release endorphins in the body. It also combines with other substances in the body to provide much-needed energy to the body.

Thus increasing sugar content in your dishes acts to bring more risk to the consumers.

Now once the benefit is received, the person would go each time toward sugar to get rid of fatigue.

Finally, the body will get accustomed to the content. Then it would demand more sugar to relieve stress and tiredness.

This iterative process and the person’s inability to recoil from the practice drags him into the cycle of sugar addiction.

Harmful Effects Of Sugar Addiction

It is already an established fact that sugar does no good to an individual. Sugar brings with it additional risks and uncertainties.

There are risks of consuming excess sugar. This could cause harm to your body. Here are a few ways in which consumption of sugar can cause you harm:

Weight Gain

Sugar contains a substance called Fructose. This is responsible for sweetening your Pie, Coke, Sweet Teas, Juices, and food items.

Consumption of fructose increases hunger in an individual. Sugary beverages don’t curb your hunger but go on to increase Calories in excess.

This results in weight gain. Weight gain has numerous side effects like high pressure, and diabetes.

Heart Disease

It is vindicated through studies that the consumption of sugar in excess could lead to obesity, blood sugar, and increased blood pressure levels. All these collide to increase the chance of increasing heart disease.

A study conducted on around 30,000 people revealed the fact that people who added on 17%-21% of Calories have a greater chance of dying from heart disease.

This is compared to people who pile up only 8% of Calories. Therefore your extra sugar is associated with extra Calories.

Type 2 Diabetes

There are different ways through which the prevalence of diabetes could be perceived. Sugar consumption in excess is attributed to the increased tendency of Type 2 diabetes among people.

Increasing Risk Of Cancer

According to a study conducted on 430000 people, it is observed that sugar consumption is associated positively with Pleural Cancer and Esophageal Cancer.

Another study establishes the fact that women are more vulnerable to cancer than men if they consume excessive sugar in their daily diet.

Women have 1.42 times more chances of developing endothermal cancer.

Apart from these, there are different other complexities associated with the consumption of high sugar.

Consuming high levels of sugar could go on to increase levels of depression. If you consume more sugar, then there are chances you might catch up with various types of skin diseases like Acne, and skin aging.

Last but not least, excessive consumption of sugar causes one to lose energy in the short term.

How To Wean Off Sugar

When you are addicted to sugar it is extremely difficult to cut that off, however, there are ways to get your sugar Content ravished.

Eat Breakfast

You need to make sure that you do not eat your breakfast. Skipping your breakfast will ensure your cravings. Cravings will drag you more towards sweet foods.

A highly nutritive and stuffed breakfast cuts down the chances of increasing hunger.

Replace Your Sweet Drinks With Plain  Water

Simply Cut off your fruit juice and sugary soda and replace them with plain water.  You could drink Lemon water for extra enrichment. Honey could replace sugar content.

Select Unsweetened Snacks

Why select Granola or Protein bar? You have a whole lot of alternatives like hard butter, Whole fruit, hard boiled eggs to prevent the consumption of extra sugar.

Choose to eat snacks that are not sugary at all. Spicy are good alternatives to sugary ones.

Say No To Desserts

This is an extremely tough call you will have to make especially, if you like to end your lunch as well as dinner with sweet desserts.

If you are really hungry, you could select some high protein, high-fat nuts like Macadamia nuts.

These are extremely nutritive but at the same time, they act to cut the excess sugar content from your daily meal.

Be Watchful And Choosy In The Selection Of Food

When you are selecting food from the supermarkets, please look at the Ingredients placed at the backside of the food packers.

Avoid those foods that list sugar as one of the first ingredients. This is one-way manufacturers avoid sugar as the first ingredient.

The more you create awareness the more  Transparent the companies will be inputting their ingredients.


According to numerous studies, it is inferred that people consuming sugar in excess have a tendency to catch fatal diseases like Heart Disease, Blood Pressure disease.

Sugar addiction is deemed extremely harmful to an individual and according to experts, it is no less harmful than consuming Cocaine.

There are different ways through which sugar content needs to be cut down. Therefore, what one needs is willpower that will help combat this addiction.

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