Indoor Cycling for Knee Pain: Adding Some Fun into Your Routine

indoor cycling


Are you suffering from knee pain? Knee pain could be occurring due to a number of reasons. Weakening of joints, accumulation of synovial fluid, ligament tear, meniscal damage, or even osteoporosis may be to blame.

With an exception of osteoporosis, all these conditions can be easily treated. Of course, the exact reason for your knee pain will depend on your lifestyle habits, age, weight, level of activity, or a number of other factors.

But whether you have recently recovered from a ligament tear or the accumulation of synovial fluid is to blame, a smooth and steady exercise routine for the knees can more often than not help heal them back to health.

Swimming is also a very good exercise for your knees that doesn’t put an impact on them. However, finding the right place to swim isn’t always easy. That is why many people who suffer from knee pain prefer cycling. Cycling can be done easily from within the comfort of your own home too.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at indoor cycling to help you with your knee pain and explore fun ways to spice up the activity to keep boredom from setting in.

Indoor Cycling: The Fun and Easy Way to Cycle

Cycling on the roads can be hard on you, especially if you are experiencing knee pain. The terrain in the roads can be uneven. Moreover, the elevation changes can be quite demanding on the knee and put further strain on the joints, causing further injury. This is why even doctors prescribe indoor cycling for people with knee pain.

However, cycling from within your room can be tiring and boring. Not that the activity is not intensive but looking at the walls and having no one to cycle with can be demotivating. This is why people are opting for the more interesting and enjoyable experience of online cycling.

Welcome to the world of augmented reality indoor cycling!

What is this New Form of Cycling?

This new-age way of cycling is not completely different from ordinary cycling but it involves the usage of technologies like activity tracking, augmented reality, and virtual reality. One such app is Vingo.

All you have to do is to install an indoor cycling app on your device like Vingo. You can install it on your mobile phone, tablet PC or even your laptop. The app will connect your cycle with the device through ANT+ sensors. So, how much distance you cycle in the real world will be translated into the digital world.

After installation of the app, you can create your own avatar as per your liking. Now, the avatar will be populated in the virtual world of Vingo. The app has options to customize the area that you are exploring. You can choose any location to explore.

Perks of Using the App

There are a number of advantages like forming an exercise group, a squad, a team & many more things. In these groups, you can form teams, squads and compete in virtual competitions. Your team can take on another. You can also take your favorite dog with you on the trip.

Of course, the ultimate perk of the app is that it makes indoor cycling much more enjoyable! The more you enjoy the experience, the more likely you’re going to keep at it. Consistency is key to results, especially if you’re wanting to heal your painful knees.

The Bottom Line

Cycling as a whole is a great low impact exercise that is the perfect remedy for many causes of knee pain. If you’ve been given the green light by your doctor to pursue physical activity, perhaps it’s time to give indoor cycling a try. And to spice up the activity, give Vingo a try as well.

All these make it easy for you to continue exercising without fatigue so you can quickly come out of knee pain. Give urgent care for your knee health by trying indoor cycling. So, are you ready to get free of knee pain? Install the Vingo app and get your butt peddling!

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