Tips to Improve Your Health Before a Stressful Move

staying healthy when moving house


If you have ever moved house before, you know how much physical and emotional strain this requires. And if you haven’t, you better start getting ready on time.

Besides planning everything thoroughly and organizing the whole relocation, you need to make sure to be in excellent shape when the day arrives.

Even if you have hired the most skillful movers, you will still need to invest a significant amount of energy until you reach the finish line.

Therefore, staying healthy while moving house is not optional but imperative.

Tips to Improve Your Physical Health Before Moving

Even in today’s modern world, where everybody likes to promote their own, different opinion, everybody agrees on one thing.

Staying physically strong is essential for the normal functioning of any living organism. It applies on any given day, but particularly when getting ready for some demanding work. Complex projects like relocation are no exceptions.

Still, there are few excellent ways to quickly regain your strength, even if you haven’t been active in a while.

Get Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can quickly get you in shape. Don’t worry if your last exercise session was in high-school. Your muscles will still, probably, remember it. Muscle-memory can last very long and can help you a lot in getting back on track.

And for the absolute beginners, starting with a couple of easy exercises will soon bring you where you want to be. Everything is better than complete resignation.

For better results, always choose the exercise program which is more to your liking. There is no point in forcing better results with activities that you don’t enjoy. That can only lead to early on demotivation and disappointment.

Some of the most popular choices that you have are:

    • Fitness or aerobics
    • Weight-lifting and other workouts for strength
    • Running or biking
    • Lately, Zumba lessons or similar dancing exercise are gaining popularity

Regular exercising helps in staying healthy while moving house

Consume a Healthy Diet

Another well-known fact is that, without changing your eating habits, physical exercise has little or no effect on improving your health. These two work the best as a team.

But don’t get disheartened just yet. Healthy eating doesn’t always mean giving up on your favorite food. Instead, you can resolve it with only a few adjustments that are to your benefit. That, especially, becomes easy nowadays.

Many substitutions for unhealthy foods have been created and are getting widely available. Still, the best thing you can do is to stick to fresh, organic products. Use those to create healthy and delicious dishes at home.

Also, avoid restaurants whenever you can. If you are really in a rush, you can always make a Farro salad that is easy to make but highly nutritious.

Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is where all your wake efforts settle and configure. Without quality rest, muscles cannot rest and grow, and metabolism cannot operate properly.

If this pattern of irregular sleep prolongs for some time, even long-term damage to body cells is possible. Adequate sleep is paramount for normal heart rate values and functioning.

On the other hand, as little as 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep can regenerate and refresh your whole body. Not only will your body get stronger altogether, but you will feel much better too.

So continuous and regular sleep is fundamental for both your body and mental health.

Tips to Improve Your Emotional Health Before Moving

Your emotional health is equally or even more significant. And so, staying healthy while moving house doesn’t just mean spending days in the gym or eating veggies. It also means feeling happy about the relocation and life in general.

Spend Time in nature

Have you ever felt restless sitting within four walls without any apparent reason? Well, most likely, the reason exists. And, it is spending too much time in an artificially created environment.

Humans need nature. No matter how far we reached with our technological progress, evolutionary we are still very dependent on natural sources of energy. You will notice that as soon as you try to get more vitamin C and vitamin D into your system, you will instantly feel better.

Frequent walks in forests or parks and sunbathing after 4 PM can do wonders for your physical and psychological well-being. Feeling elevated after these rituals can even help you be more productive during your relocation.

Do What Makes You Happy

Just because you are apprehensive about moving home, it doesn’t mean you need to grab boxes and start packing immediately. Packing does help some people in reducing stress, but not everyone is the same.

Talking about or working too much on relocation can provoke anxiety even more in some people. Instead, try taking a break and enjoying your favorite hobby for a while. That will release the additional amount of serotonin in your blood and boost your mood. The positive energy surge will make you more resistant to depression and other acute diseases.

Moving while feeling unwell and getting sick at this time can be tricky, but you can easily avoid it.

Spend More Time With Your Furry Friends

If everything else fails, spend more time with your pets. Those small creatures can benefit all segments of our health. Research shows that moderate exposure to bacteria from animal fur can increase human immunity and reduce inflammation.

Besides, walking a dog, for example, is an excellent physical exercise. And we don’t even need to talk about numerous emotional benefits.

NOTE: If you aren’t already a proud pet owner and would like to get a pet, get one immediately after the relocation to make the transition to a new lifestyle easier. That way, you avoid complications with their transportation, and you get to adjust to your new home together from the beginning.

The Takeaway

Staying healthy while moving house can be quite a task, considering all the challenges and pending work. But it is up to you how you decide to perceive this challenge.

This can either be an additional responsibility or an opportunity to develop some better habits. You are only a few fruitful strategies away from your goal.

Every change is hard, but only some are worth the effort. And nothing is more valuable than your health.

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