Laser Tattoo Removal: Here’s What You Need to Know

laser tattoo removal


Tattoo laser removal in Melbourne is very popular among both men as well as women. There are various reasons for tattoo removal; it has become older and blurred, you are bored with the tattoo and want to get it removed, or it doesn’t fit your emotional state or the current phase in your life, and you want to get it removed forever.

With more and more people choosing to showcase their emotions and personality with tattoos, the trend of tattoo removal and replacement with a new tattoo has become more popular than ever.

Laser technology is the best way to effectively and comprehensively remove your tattoo without leaving any scars or long term side effects. However, laser tattoo removal has to be performed by an experienced qualified skin and laser specialist, with TGA & FDA, approved laser device and equipment and under controlled circumstances, to achieve the best results from laser tattoo removal procedure.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre provides the most comprehensive tattoo laser removal in Melbourne with TGA & FDA approved premium laser devices and equipment.  Here are the top things that you need to know about laser tattoo removal.

Five Things to Know about Laser Tattoo Removal

Here are five things to know about laser tattoo removal…

1. A tattoo is easy to remove

A tattoo is a popular art form where indelible ink is inserted into the middle layer of the dermis of the skin. The placement of the ink in this layer makes the tattoo long-lasting. However, tattoos are not permanent and can be easily removed if you no longer want them. Laser tattoo removal is swift and easy, and when performed by an experienced laser specialist, it doesn’t leave behind any long term scarring. Tattoo removal, however, mainly depends on the type of ink and the colors used along with the laser technology used to remove the tattoo.

2. Laser beams help to break down the ink

Tattoo removal has come a long way since the earliest tattoo removal procedures. The advanced and secure laser technology makes it easy and effective. The laser beams are targeted at a specific area of the skin, therefore, the nearby areas remain unaffected by the laser beams. The laser beams penetrate the skin layers to reach the middle layer of the skin where the tattoo ink is deposited. The high-intensity beams break down and shatter the ink deposits, which then get dissolved into the skin and drained by the body via a natural biological process.

3. Fast tattoo removal techniques increase the risk of scarring

You may find various laser clinics promising faster tattoo removal services using the laser technique. Firstly, these techniques for tattoo removal are not secure and there is a high risk of permanent scarring on the skin. Fast tattoo removal is a very aggressive procedure that is painful and may have an irreversible impact on the skin. Many people have experienced permanent scarring as a side effect after faster tattoo removal procedures.

TGA & FDA approved Nitai Skin & Laser clinic for tattoo laser removal in Melbourne cares about your skin and ensures effective tattoo removal without any kind of long term side effects such as scarring. Since scarring is the real risk of laser tattoo removal, you need to stay away from cheaper and faster laser tattoo removal options and opt for only TGA & FDA approved procedures.

4. It may take two or more treatment sessions to completely remove the tattoo

Laser tattoo removal, when done by an experienced laser specialist, with TGA & FDA approved laser equipment and under controlled conditions, can greatly reduce the risk of scarring and deliver effective tattoo removal outcomes.

The time required to completely remove the tattoo mainly depends on the complexity of the tattoo, the type of ink used, and the colours used in the tattoo.

In general, it may take around 8 to 10 treatments, with 8-week intervals in between to completely remove a complex black ink tattoo. A multicoloured tattoo may take longer. The laser skin and laser specialist first examines the skin and the tattoo and then suggests the number of treatment sessions required for comprehensive tattoo removal.

5. Every tattoo is different and so is the removal technique

Not all tattoos are the same. Black ink and older ink are generally easy to remove. However, tattoos that involve different colours take more time and could prove to be more challenging. Sometimes, the blue colour is mixed with pink to make the black colour. In such cases, even though the tattoo is black, due to the use of two different colours, the removal of the ink could take more time than expected.

However, tattoo laser removal in Melbourne at Nitai Skin & Laser Clinic is a secure, and comfortable procedure that provides optimum tattoo removal results.

To talk to our experienced Skin and laser specialist about tattoo laser removal in Melbourne, you must visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre today.

The Takeaway

Thanks to modern technology, all of our high school and relationship mishap tattoos are no longer stuck with us forever.

Laser tattoo removal is the way to go and companies such as Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre can help you remove your undesired tattoos.

Keep in mind the above points before you schedule your appointment. Knowing what to expect is going to make the process less stressful.

Once you’ve made your appointment, your laser tattoo removal specialist will explain how it’s all going to go down based on your specific case.

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