How to Balance and Promote Healthy Hormone Regulation

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Did you know that hormone balancing exercises can help regulate high insulin levels in diabetics?

Hormone regulation has many benefits outside of the endocrine system (see next). Read our guide on how to balance and promote healthy hormone regulation.

The Endocrine System

When our body releases hormones, it is communicated via the endocrine system. This system is responsible for releasing and regulating our hormones.

Organelles like the thyroid, pineal gland, and pancreas are all a part of this system. The endocrine system can easily become imbalanced by stress, unhealthy behaviors, and poor nutrition.

In today’s high-stress environments, balancing our hormones should be a regular practice. Symptoms of imbalanced hormones include the following:

  • Inflamed skin and acne
  • Dramatic weight gain
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Daily fatigue
  • Erratic moods
  • Brain Fog

How to Balance and Promote Healthy Endocrine System

As you can see, imbalances in the endocrine system can have devastating effects on other systems in the body, like the digestive system and the central nervous system.

Exercise as Often as Possible

Physical exercise is always a good idea if you want to take your health seriously. Exercise is a catalyst for the endocrine system to build off of.

Once your body starts becoming active, your heart rate increases, metabolism activates and hormones begin to regulate.

Did you know that different exercises have different effects on the body? It’s true. For example, high interval training, or HIT, will release more cortisol than moderate exercise routines.

If you already have high levels of cortisol, then HIT may not be for you. Low to moderate-level exercise routines can help you release different types of hormones.

Unlike high-interval training, these routines should be performed for longer durations of time to get their full effects. Gentle stretches and calisthenics can help your body release “happy hormones” like dopamine and serotonin.

These endorphins can help you feel calm and relaxed after your workout. You will also notice that you are able to focus better and for longer durations of time as well.

Create a Calming Ritual for Yourself

Meditation and mindfulness do not have to be perceived as religious practices. They are tools that can help everyone lower stress.

Couple your exercise routine with a calming ritual and plenty of sleep to ensure the best results possible.

Traditional meditation techniques involve being in a sedentary position for various amounts of time. You can be seated or lying down; whatever is more comfortable for you to be able to focus on your breath.

However, there are plenty of contemporary meditation techniques to try as well. Non-traditional methods of meditation include the following:

    • Mindfulness
    • Journaling
    • Lucid dreaming
    • Thought monitoring

All of these practices can help you become more aware of your emotions, monitor your stress levels, and promote the consistent release of endorphins. Making this a regular practice will be the key to balancing your hormones.

Be Mindful Of What You Eat

Avoiding high amounts of sugar is the first step in balancing your hormones via your diet. Overloading your body with sugar causes inflammation.

Inflammation stresses your body out and confuses your endocrine system into thinking that you’re in danger.

Help build trust with your endocrine system again by drinking a daily cup of green tea.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and is a healthy way to boost your metabolism. Add honey and coconut milk to absorb natural fatty acids while you’re at it.

A proper diet that is low in sugar, high and protein, and full of antioxidants is one of the best ways that you can naturally regulate your hormones.

Get More Vitamin D Into Your Body

Vitamin D is more than just a vitamin. Organs like the liver and kidney can convert vitamin D into calcitriol, which helps aid in chemical absorption.

Have you ever spent hours playing outside on a nice, sunny day? Then you know exactly how good it feels. This pleasant feeling is more than just skin-deep.

Although your skin benefits from daily doses of Vitamin D, other organs are happy to receive the sunshine as well.

Vitamin D can come directly from the sun’s rays, fresh leafy greens, or can be taken in the form of a pill. There are dozens of ways to get your fill of Vitamin D, making it one of the easiest ways to regulate your hormones.

Vitamins and Medicinal Supplements

If you are looking for more than one vitamin to add to your diet, then keep reading. Vitamin D is often blended with other vitamins and herbs to give your body more exposure to regulatory chemicals.

Vitamin E and B affect your body in ways that involve the endocrine system. Evening primrose oil and chamomile have proven to be great herbal approaches to relaxing the central nervous system.

For a holistic health approach to balancing your hormones, consider adding these vitamins and herbs into your hormone regulation routine.

Increase Your Amino Acid Intake

Daily wear and tear on our body can take a toll on our hormones. Things like exercise, sun exposure, and nutritional supplements make our bodies work harder.

Although these behaviors are healthy, our bodies still require fuel to be able to perform these tasks. Getting amino acids from sources like peptides is a great way to give your body the chemical fuel it needs to regulate your hormones.

Collagen is a wonderful source of peptides and amino acid chains. These peptide benefits can help your body heal your endocrine system.

Stay Updated On Hormone Regulation Developments

If you suffer from a hormone imbalance, then keep educating yourself on safe hormone regulation practices. Check out our other health blogs to get a well-rounded perspective on your holistic practice.

The most important part of any wellness journey is to enjoy the ride. Balancing your hormones will take some time, so lower your stress levels now by relaxing into the journey ahead.

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