A Beginner’s Guide to CBD Body Lotion

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According to recent scientific research, it has been revealed that CBD offers many health and wellness benefits, especially as it was federally legalized since the 2018 farm bill.

What is CBD?

It’s a chemical compound known as cannabinoids found in cannabis or marijuana plant.

Most people think that CBD is a product that comes from marijuana, hence it causes the sensational feeling of being “high” which is quite often associated with marijuana.

But to make it very clear, people should understand that yes CBD is extracted from marijuana but out of 100 chemical compounds, it’s the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that makes a person go “high” not the CBD.

In fact, It’s the quality of the CBD that is an appealing option for many companies especially in the beauty industries as they are strongly focusing on creating CBD –infused skincare products ranging from soaps and shampoos to creams and body lotions.

Nevertheless, the anti-inflammatory and natural healing properties ingredient in CBD is also helping in healing arthritis, nausea, and many other medical-related diseases.

The Importance of CBD Products

In relating to its importance people are using CBD products to improve their lives.

CBD products are more commonly being used in:

  • Morning pills to kick start a day
  • Using it as a body pain reliever
  • Using it as chewing gums for anxiety disorders
  • Using it as a solution to sleep disorders
  • Using CBD oils to improve their sex life.

What are the top benefits of using CBD body lotion?

1) Arthritis

According to research “8 million working-age adults report that their ability to work is limited because of their arthritis”, hence it plays a crucial role in disability in the US.

Although there is much reason for arthritis, most of them are caused due to the inflammation of the joints, not to forget this inflammation can also lead to severe chronic diseases.

CBD Body lotion when applied to the discomfort area of the body, can be massaged and as a result, it relieves the pain and stops it from worsening the inflammation.

To back it up, several studies have shown a prominent reduction in chronic pains as it impacts endocannabinoid receptor activity in our body, thus reducing inflammation.

2) It alleviates cancer-related symptoms

It has been recommended by the experts that CBD helps in reducing cancer-related symptoms especially for patients who are undergoing cancer treatments, like vomiting, nausea, and chemotherapy-induced pains.

To back it up in some researches has shown that CBD has anti-cancer properties, but still, it requires more studies in this relevant subject to see the outcomes of CBD.

3) It helps in reducing acne

A common skin condition that many of us go through is Acne.

Studies from skin experts tell us that acne is caused due to several reasons which are as given below:

    • Underlying inflammation
    • Due to genetics
    • Bacterial infection
    • Overproduction of sebum
    • Oily secretion underneath the skin through sebaceous glands

Thanks to the CBD anti-inflammatory properties that it helps in reducing acne safely, using the CBD cream on our skin eliminates acne from the skin with the passage of time.

4) It helps in reducing stress and improving heart health

A major reason for a heart attack is stress and high blood pressure.

According to a pilot study, it has been observed that giving a single dose of 600 mg CBD oil reduces blood pressure, but still, further studies are needed to define it as 100% beneficial for lowering blood pressure.


No doubt that CBD is extracted from cannabis or marijuana plants, but it’s the THC, not the CBD which causes the sensation of getting “high”, hence looking at its natural healing properties CBD products are very beneficial for the human body.

Thus many companies are stepping forward to cash in CBD products as they are natural and this is why people are widely using CBD products to achieve health benefits.

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