CBD for Reducing Stress and Anxiety: Does it Work?

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Since 2007, a nation-wide survey has been conducted every year by the American Psychological Association about the influence of emotional and physical stress.

Stress in this year’s survey report that out of ten people, eight are affected by stress. There is also a disquieting increase in stress according to two-thirds of the respondents.

To relieve tension, few people experiment with stress reducing activities like meditation and yoga, while others swayed more towards alcohol, comfort foods or frequent smoke breaks.

And while short term relief can also be obtained by using prescription medications, chemical dependency is a high risk, which bothers many people.

If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to some of the options above, perhaps it’s time to seek a plant sourced option – CBD. So, feeling stressed and tense? CBD may just be the ticket!

In a survey of 2000 respondents, the data which was collected shows that most CBD users for relaxation prefer CBD over yoga (79%), cigarettes (92%), meditation (82%) and alcohol (76%).

But First, What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. CBD is one of more than 100 plant compounds in the cannabis plant. These compounds are called cannabinoids.

Throughout your body these plant based cannabinoids (phytocannabinoids) interact with key receptors throughout your body, They essentially mimick the effects of chemical messengers produced as needed (endocannabinoids)

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant once the crops are harvested. In capsules, tinctures, and skincare products, the extracted oil is used for it’s health and wellness potential.

The majority of people have started using this safe natural cannabinoid to relax, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and stiffness, and also to aid discomfort after physical activity.

Can You Become Intoxicated from CBD?

Some people are worried that using CBD extracted from cannabis can cause intoxication. Well, intoxication is not caused by CBD because it is not that type of cannabinoid.

In contrast, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC induces intoxicating effects. The main difference is that CBD does not bind with receptors in the brain like THC, and so the effect is not the same. The two compounds are quite different despite being extracted from the same plant.

CBD oil is sourced from different species of cannabis, including those sourced from marijuana with intoxicating levels of THC. But if you are looking for a non-intoxifying experience, seek CBD with little THC.

For example, CBD sourced from industrial hemp are sold through specialty shops, retails shops and online, and these contain less than 0.03% THC. Companies such as Balance CBD and Budderweeds offer THC free CBD oils.

So, How Helpful is CBD at Reducing Stress?

Everyone suffers in a different way because of stress. Some people become angrier, more emotional, and some feel more tense.

Many physical issues due to stress occur in many people like digestive problems, regular headaches, frequent infections, problems sleeping, et cetera. You are likely experiencing the effects of stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline if you are facing similar symptoms.

Your thoughts are consumed with worry or you are suffering from physical danger and jammed in traffic, the impact is same. The level of cortisol and adrenaline drops and your body has time to recuperate from physical and emotional impact if you are relaxed.

Thus, in this way CBD works. It becomes difficult to relax if the stress hormone accumulates during the day. According to the survey, 89% users say it helps to calm their mind, 88% says it helps to mild anxiety, out of 10, 9 reports better sleep.

Some fascinating studies were supported by these favorable responses. In a public speaking event 24 test subjects were given either CBD or a placebo. Low level of stress, less physical discomfort was reported by participants receiving the CBD.

How Safe are CBD Products?

For majority of people, hemp-derived CBD products are considered extremely safe. “No substantiation of public health-related problems” was noted by World Health Organization in an appraisal.

If any medications are used with CBD than the side effects can be caused as per the organization. So, using CBD for relaxation may not be suitable for everyone. Thus, if you have any health issues and using medications before adding CBD to your daily schedule, consult with your physician.

Few CBD users got minor side effects after taking large amount of CBD oil and 93% users did not have any side effects according to the WHO journal. If you experience diarrhea, fatigue, stomach upset or dry mouth than you can simply reduce the serving size.

All in all, CBD is very safe and effective.

The Takeaway

As stress levels have increased in 2020, prescribed medications have increased by double digits for sleeplessness, anxiety symptoms, and more.

Unfortunately, these pharmaceutical options also carry side effects like slurred speech, dizziness, blurred vision, and more. Chemical dependency is also a major problem with some.

So, natural solutions like yoga, meditation, exercise, and deep breathing are suggested by many health professionals for relaxation and overall stress reduction.

Of course, CBD can also help you relax so you should definitely give it a try. According to a recent survey, most CBD users claimed positive results within 7-14 days with regular use.

Have you tried CBD to help you relax? How did it help your stress? Did it work or not work for you? Let us know in the comments below…

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