Benefits of CBD Infused Raw Honey

cbd infused raw honey


Everyone knows what honey is, and we all know that it tastes great! Many of us are also aware of the many health benefits that honey provides.

However, many aren’t aware of the fact that there are many different types and forms of honey. For example, we have honey that comes from different bees and honey that is mixed with other ingredients.

The honey that many of us consume is usually organic or RAW honey but there are several other types of honey as well. Unfortunately, many also include unnecessary additives such as sugar.

Thankfully though, not all additives in honey are bad. Have you heard of CBD honey? Well, that’s what we’re going to look at today.

Let’s dive in…

What is CBD Honey?

Simply put, CBD honey is honey infused with CBD. CBD honey or “Raw Honey with CBD” are popular with consumers. CBD honey provides health benefits for all ages of people.

Both honey and CBD have different benefits and when they are combined, they are more advantageous than other types. It’s a great combination!

Here are some benefits of raw honey with CBD…

Benefits of Raw Honey with CBD

Just like CBD in its other forms, whether edible candies, tincture drops, or CBD flower, CBD honey offers similar benefits. Here are some of the major ones…

Can Reduce Depression and Anxiety

One of the common and troublesome mental health problems for most people is depression and anxiety, both of which do not typically go away on their own without treatment.

Depression and anxiety not only affect our mental health but also our social and working life. For this, many turn to traditional medicines to treat their problem but others opt for organic products, which are generally considered healthier alternatives.

In research carried out in 2014, experts found that CBD is an important compound that can be used to treat depression and anxiety. CBD interacts with our brain and boosts serotonin levels. Serotonin is an important mood factor and CBD is a great natural substance to boost our mood.

Whether it is stress or panic disorder, CBD honey is a great way to consume CBD to help treat your symptoms.

Can Improve Skin Health

CBD honey can help decrease the amount of the oil the skin produces when used as a topical. On top of this, there are several other benefits of consuming CBD honey when it comes to the skin.

When the honey is combined with the CBD, its properties become more beneficial and it essentially becomes an antibacterial which can unblock pores, scrub pollution from the skin, as well as reduce skin inflammation.

All in all, CBD honey improves the overall condition of your skin. CBD can also help reduce the appearance of face wrinkles and improve the overall structure of the skin.

Can Reduce Chronic Pain/Inflammation

Consuming CBD honey and using it as a topical can also help reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is an important function of the body but chronic inflammation can be debilitating if left untreated.

CBD can help inflammation with any of the following:

    • Diabetes
    • Allergies
    • Autoimmune conditions
    • Asthma
    • Heart disease
    • Cancer
    • and more…

Honey infused with CBD helps to reduce inflammation by inhibiting COX2 while it also helps to impact the molecules which are important when it comes to the inflammation process.


Although there are different medicines available on the market that can control seizures, most of them cause side effects, often times requiring you take even more medicine to control these additional symptoms. CBD has been shown to help reduce seizures in patients. Perhaps CBD can also help you. Of course, be sure to consult with your doctor before using CBD to treat any seizure disorders, for it’s something that needs to be approached cautiously.

The Takeaway

CBD is a powerful compound that offers a ton of health benefits, and honey infused with CBD is yet another way to consume this powerful medicine.

OH! Raw Honey with CBD is readily available on the market via online stores. Order some today and give it a try. You will love the taste!

Have you tried honey infused with CBD? What is your favorite way to consume your favorite CBD products? Let us know in the comments below…

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