BBQ Chicken Skewers


These BBQ Chicken Skewers are the perfect summer meal! Grab some skewers, BBQ sauce, and your favorite BBQ side dish and let’s grill!

These BBQ chicken skewers are one of many grilled chicken recipes we have on FFF! They are flavored with the best dry rub for chicken and then wiped with delicious bbq sauce with amazing flavor!

Make a Whole Meal on the Grill!

When the sun is shinning and your are trying to decide what to make for dinner, use the GRILL! There is no need to turn on the oven. Enjoy a refreshing drink, throw something delicious on the grill, and enjoy the outdoors!

We love meals like these BBQ chicken skewers because they are easy and ready in less than an hour! Another thing we LOVE to do is grill everything we’re having for dinner on the grill! What does that mean?

Throw these skewers on the grill next to easy grilled asparagus in foil, foil pack red potatoes, and even throw dessert on the grill for later! We love this foil pack peach crumble! BOOM. A whole meal ready and you didn’t even have to mess up the kitchen!

How to Skewer Chicken

There are two important decisions to make before you start to grill chicken skewers.

One: Are you going to cut your chicken in chunks or strips?

We decided to cut chicken for these chicken skewers into strips. In order for the chicken to cook evenly, be sure to cut the chicken strips all the same size. The width of our chicken was about 1 inch.

After that, push the skewer up through the bottom of the chicken strip through the top so the chicken breast isn’t floppy, but secure on the skewers.

If you decide to cut the chicken into chunks, be sure the chunks are all the same size. You also can put multiple pieces of chicken on a skewer, just be sure to not overcrowd the skewer with chicken!

Two: Are you going to use wooden skewers or metal skewers? 

Both skewers work just fine with these bbq chicken skewers. If you are using wooden skewers, you can use them dry, just know the may light on fire and char. If you have time, soak the wooden skewers in water for a couple of hours to avoid char!

If using metal skewers, just be cautious when flipping the skewers, the mental skewers will get very hot!

Frequent Questions

What is the internal temperature for chicken?

The safe internal temperature for chicken is 165ºF.

Can you freeze chicken skewers?

Yes, you can freeze chicken skewers! We recommend grilling chicken skewers and letting them cool completely before placing them in a freezer safe bag a placing them in the freezer.

To reheat them, just remove them from the freezer, let them thaw, and then reheat them in the microwave or in the oven at 325ºF for 15-20 minutes.

What is the best BBQ sauce for chicken skewers?

We love our homemade bbq sauce! However, use whatever bbq sauce you prefer!

BBQ Chicken Recipes


BBQ Chicken Skewer Recipe

These BBQ Chicken Skewers are the perfect summer meal! Grab some skewers, BBQ sauce, and your favorite BBQ side dish and let’s grill!

  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes

Author: Linley Richter

Yield: 4 servings 1x

Category: Chicken

Method: Grill

Cuisine: American


  • 1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 34 tablespoons dry rub for chicken
  • ¼ cup BBQ sauce (or more, to taste)


  1. First, prepare chicken breasts by thinly slicing into 1-inch thick strips. Stick a wooden skewer through each piece of chicken breast and place onto a large plate.
  2. Season both sides of the chicken breast with a generous amount of dry rub. You should use between 3-4 tablespoons per 1 lb. of chicken.
  3. Next, preheat grill to 400ºF. Once the grill is hot, carefully spray the grates with nonstick cooking spray or rub with olive oil.
  4. Grill skewers at 400ºF for 7-10 minutes, flipping half-way through.*
  5. Once the chicken is almost cooked, use a brush to paint BBQ sauce onto both sides and grill for 1 more minute to caramelize.


*How long the chicken grills depends on how thick the chicken is cut.


  • Serving Size: 1/4
  • Calories: 140
  • Sugar: 6
  • Fat: 1
  • Carbohydrates: 8
  • Fiber: 0
  • Protein: 23
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