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Amanda Lawrence Pulls 590 Deadlift Without Straps


It’s safe to say that most lifters, outside of the professionals, could never imagine deadlifting 600 pounds at all, let alone without lifting straps. But 23-year old powerlifting phenom Amanda Lawrence is getting pretty damned close to doing it.

In a video she posted to Instagram on Wednesday, Lawrence pulled a whopping 590 pounds for a grip strength personal record. It’s a weight she’s touched before with the help of some lifting straps — but this time, she got the weight up without them.

What’s more, this means she’s added five pounds to her strapless deadlift in just over a month. Here’s a 585-pound rep she posted on July 1:

At this rate, she’ll hit 600 in no time. Talk about making the most of quarantine.

Lawrence is the reigning 84kg International Powerlifting Federation world champion, and she’s accomplished more in just under four years of serious lifting than most could ever dream of. At last year’s IPF Worlds, she won the overall title over fellow powerhouse Daniella Melo, set a squat world record with 536 pounds, deadlifted 556 pounds for another world record, and set the world record for most weight lifted overall in the 84kg division with 1,351 pounds.

Again, she’s only 23.

With the uncertainty and health risks surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, the IPF has opted to cancel upcoming world championships until it’s definitely safe for athletes to travel and compete. It’s unfortunate that we may not get to see what Lawrence can bring to the platform for a while yet, but it’s clear that she’s getting after it and making serious progress.

Follow Lawrence on Instagram at @miss.amanda.ann to keep up with her latest lifts.

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