Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit at Home

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Being locked down doesn’t have to mean that you let your body and your health come apart at the seams. To stay in good shape and make good food choices, incorporate some form of exercise into every aspect of your day. Shop for food early, so your brain isn’t limited by decision fatigue.

Use an Exercise Ball at Your Desk

Using an exercise ball in the office is interesting, but it can be a little scary as they make it hard to turn. Instead, use one in your home office so if you do fall off…

    • you’re already in comfortable clothes, and
    • nobody else has to know about it

While sitting on your exercise ball, strive to get your feet and knees lined up so you can stand without touching anything. Tuck in your tummy and keep your upper body loose, but strong and straight.

Try CBD for Muscle Pain and Stress

The pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty and stress. If there are days when you’re not sure how to move forward, rely on THC & CBD delivery in San Diego to help you relax and focus.

Make sure you consider all your options. For example, sore muscles may respond best to a topical, while a tired body might do best with a sublingual dose to help you sleep. If you struggle with focus, try a microdose from a vaping pen. There and many different ways these products can help.

Use Your Stairs

Consider incorporating a few activities every time you get up from your desk. While on the stairs, take two at a time or stop and do some lunges. Each time you use the bathroom, do ten wall plank push-ups. Before you get a snack, try twenty-five ab crunches, and before a sweet or salty treat, plank for thirty seconds.

These little bursts of exercise will not only engage your body, but they will also get your mind working. It’s easy to fall into a malaise of worry or despair. “Get up and do ten wall push-ups,” is not going to get you ready for a triathlon, but it will get you out of the chair and help you move forward toward your next task.

Use Yoga Videos Online

Find a yoga video or tai chi instructions for some simple, basic stretches. You don’t have to be terribly limber to learn basic yoga moves, but they offer the chance to relax, breathe, and get into healthy spinal alignment. If you find you’re moving from desk chair to lounge chair and back, try some yoga poses that require you to sit on the floor so you can fully stretch the pelvis and low back.

Tai chi is a wonderful practice for clearing your mind as you center your body. Again, you don’t have to do anything extreme to get wonderful benefits from tai chi. While yoga is often about deepening a stretch and holding it, tai chi is more about flow. If you tend to relax in a hold, do yoga. If holding a stretch just adds to your stress, do tai chi.

Order Groceries Early

If you’re buying groceries online, order them early in the day before your brain gets tired. The tired brain doesn’t want to think about anything but comfort, which may mean you end up buying a lot of cookies and chips at 8 p.m., while at 8 a.m., you order more salads and lean meats.

As you order groceries, keep a list of the meals you’re planning. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed right now; uncertainty about the future abounds. Whether you feel hopeful or worried, there are things you can control at home. Before you order groceries, plan out a few meals. When you get out the cutting board, give yourself the gift of prepping ahead. Lower your stress by planning for tomorrow.

The Takeaway

For many people, the chance to work from home is wonderful. For others, it’s highly stressful. If you need social contact, make sure you set up a texting group that makes you laugh or follow a social media group that feels inclusive. If you like being at home because you don’t have to deal with people, take care not to become a hermit. Connecting with those you love is crucial for brain and heart health.

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