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The Combat Shape At-Home Strike Bag Workout


If you’ve been getting into working out at home and experimenting with different forms of training, we’re willing to bet MMA techniques have at least crossed your mind.

It may seem like a form of training reserved for those who can afford to buy equipment like a heavy bag, grappling dummy, mats, and then some. Those things can run you hundreds of dollars, especially since more people have started training at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The good news is you don’t actually need those bells and whistles to get started.

Celebrity fitness trainer Peter Lee Thomas (@peterleethomas), who specializes in getting celebs like Halle Berry and Katie Cassidy ready to kick ass on screen, has some tips for getting the job done sans fancy gear. He’s a lifelong martial artist, so trust him on this one.

Thomas created a workout to help you get in combat shape at home with a strike bag that you can make with things you’ve got around the house. For a few of the moves, he also throws on some wrist weights from rē•spin.

This routine can help you work on muscle endurance, safely learn the basics of going to the ground in combat, and release some of that stress that’s been building up in quarantine.

If you’re not ready to try working out with a strike bag just yet, try this minimal-equipment MMA workout from Thomas.

Check out the video and step-by-step below to see how it’s done.

How to Make a DIY MMA Strike Bag

  1. Get a durable duffle bag (Thomas got his canvas bag from a local Army Surplus store.)
  2. Stuff it with old shirts, rags, towels, or anything you can find. Make sure to pack it tight.
    • ***You could also pack it with sand if that’s accessible and if you want to make your bag denser and heavier.
  3. Make sure you remove any metal zippers or plastic buckles and any objects that stick out and could potentially hurt you.
  4. Seal it off and tape the end of the bag or tie it off with a string or zip tie so the material inside stays intact.

Peter Lee Thomas’ Combat Shape At-Home Strike Bag Workout

This workout is meant to simulate an MMA fight, so you’ll complete 5-minute rounds with no rest, transitioning straight from one move to the next. The harder and faster you punch, the harder it’s going to be.

After five minutes, you get a 60-second rest before it’s go time again. Attempt to do the circuit all the way through for three to five rounds to simulate the structure of an actual MMA bout. That means the “easy” version will be about 15 minutes of work time, and the more advanced version will entail 25 minutes of work time.

Add in a sprint while holding the bag over your shoulder at the very end of each round if you really want to get your heart pumping.

The Circuit:

  1. Mount Position Ground and Pound Jab & Cross Blitz (60 seconds)
  2. Knee On Belly Right Cross (30 seconds)
  3. Knee On Belly Left Cross (30 seconds)
  4. Mount Position Alternating Hooks (60 seconds)
  5. Side To Side Plyo Jumps With Sprawl (30 seconds)
  6. Clean, Squat, Press (30 seconds)
  7. Guard Position Alternating Jab & Cross With Sit Up (60 seconds)


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