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Nutrition, Dieting, Health and Fitness Tips

The 8-Week Cardio Abs Workout Plan


Start thinking about your abs  right now, and you’ll be ready with a sexy six-pack by the beginning of summer. Eight weeks is all it takes. Sound too good to be true? We promise: You’ve got this.

Celebrity trainer and two-time Golden Gloves–winning boxer Ngo Okafor has a core-carving game plan that will incinerate abdominal fat. His top four secrets to helping his clients etch a flat stomach out of a winter muffin top:

  • No. 1: Train abdominals three days per week, giving them a full HIIT workout, not just two exercises at the end.
  • No. 2: Add cardio between the abdominal moves to keep your heart rate up—as a boxer, he knows cardio is king as a functional element of endurance.
  • No. 3: Make sure to change the workout order every time you train. Because not only do you get bored, but so do your abs.
  • No. 4: Don’t train only with weights or only with body weight. The variance will help develop a balanced core and give you a narrower waistline.

Boom! Say hello to the ultimate abs workout plan that will whip that notoriously unresponsive set of muscles into action, and follow along with the 8-week abs diet plan, and you’ll have not one but six (as in that new six-pack!) ways to show off your results.

How to do it

You’ll do this workout three days a week. Each abs HIIT circuit takes only six minutes, and you’ll repeat each twice—for a 12-minute core blast. The circuit includes four abdominal exercises done for 60 seconds each, with 30-second cardio bursts in between. The rep ranges for abs are high.

Keep it fresh

While keeping the order of the cardio bursts the same throughout the week, you’ll want to change the exercise order each day according to the following A, B, C, D designation. The more your body has to guess, the leaner you will get.

  • DAY 1: A, B, C, D
  • DAY 2: D, C, B, A
  • DAY 3: A, D, C, B

Trainer: Ngo Okafor Celebrity trainer, New York, NY

Model: Katie Bopp Hunt, Health coach/Trainer, New York, NY

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