Staying Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Most of the conversation surrounding the COVID-19 virus concerns lockdowns, death rates, and transmissions. While these are legitimate topics, few have been talking about health and cultivating strong immune systems.

Instead the focus is on regulations and mandated stay-at-home orders. This is frustrating for many, considering the health of people is the number one concern not to just lower the number of infections but to mitigate the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

With an international study calling into question the effectiveness of lockdowns compared to voluntary measures like masks and physical distancing, when will we talk about health?

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

Immune health is the number one way to prevent complications when contracting the virus. A strong immune system can facilitate and prevent contraction.

Obesity and pre-existing conditions are two of the most common factors that cause complications when someone contracts COVID-19.

Not only will getting healthier provide a way to avoid pain and suffering should you get the virus, you’ll also decrease the possibility of spreading it to others.

Exercise Regularly

One of the most important things you should do to keep yourself healthy during the pandemic is to exercise regularly. There is no excuse. Most people have the time right now. Not only does exercise help you stay lean and strong, it boosts your immune system. Staying active is integral to life in general, but especially during these uncertain times when it comes to health and wellness. Obesity puts you at risk to complications when contracting the COVID-19 virus. Viruses feed on sugars so people who are overweight and/or have diabetes are high-risk for more symptoms and even death.

Eat Well

As important as exercise, eating well is vital to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong. Eating plenty of vegetables and proteins will provide resistance to the virus and symptoms. Cut down on sugars like carbohydrates, fruit, and sweets. The goal of a good diet is to be healthy overall, but eating the right foods can help keep you safe from COVID-19 and the suffering that can result.

Take Vitamins

Another thing that few people are talking about are vitamins. First you can take vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and others to boost your immune system. Furthermore, you can specialize your daily vitamin intake by consulting your doctor, taking vitamins specific for men and utilizing supplements for women. Taking vitamins that boost your immune system is a simple, effective way to stay healthy and avoid difficulties of the virus.

Get Outside

While we’ve been shut inside, it’s very critical to get some air. Spending time outside doesn’t just provide the essential vitamin D, direct sunlight kills the virus if you are out with someone who contracted it. Going outdoors also has a great impact on your mental health. It is important to remember that your mind and body are connected. It’s vital to keep your body healthy so your mind will be healthy and vice versa. A lot of people are neglecting these truths during the pandemic, which is the opposite of what we should be doing.

Take Care of your Mind

Paying attention to help your mental health is crucial, especially during the pandemic. If you neglect your mental well-being, your body will suffer. You may not have the motivation to exercise routinely and thoroughly. You may not care about eating well or taking your vitamins. It can cause you to neglect your need to get outside and isolate yourself from your family and friends. Caring for your mind is vital. If you need to talk to someone you don’t know, you should think about online therapy. It could help you get through this and take care of yourself.


Getting healthy during this pandemic is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Not only do you need to remain healthy to avoid COVID-19 complications should you contract the virus, it will only benefit you. This pandemic has shined a light on how unhealthy Americans are and how there needs to be a change in mindset when it comes to health and wellness.

Unfortunately the only way to get healthy is to do the work. Caring about yourself isn’t easy, but it is necessary for a healthy, happy life. You won’t just feel better, it will change you and improve the odds that you will avoid suffering caused by COVID-19. Now is the time to get and stay healthy.

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