Best Proven Peptides for Hair Growth

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Nowadays, people suffer from weak, brittle, and dull hair due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as stress and junk food consumption. If you face the same problem, peptides can help you out.

These short chains of amino acids can support you in regaining hair quality so that you can have that long and luscious hair. However, selecting the correct peptide from all available options can be a challenging task.

That is why we have brought the best-proven peptides for hair growth that are backed by science. Hence, you can achieve your hair goals without any trouble.

#1. Copper Peptides

Science shows that copper peptides are naturally present in your body. They perform several functions that keep your hair healthy. However, their level drops as you age. This is the reason why you may suffer from hair loss when you grow old. If you don’t wish that to happen, you will have to provide your body with additional supplements of copper peptides.

A few ways in which these peptide supplements will help your hair are:

Collagen and Elastin

Weak and brittle hair breaks easily. That is why it is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. People usually take various steps here not to let their hair break. They opt for wide combs, put on hair masks, etc. But these things don’t create enough effects.

On the other hand, copper peptides restore the collagen and elastic properties of your hair. Thus, they will naturally become stronger and won’t break. This will cure your hair loss to some extend.

Blood Flow Stimulation

We have been taught for ages to get our head massaged now and then. This helps in stimulating the blood flow on your scalp, promoting hair growth. Copper peptides work in the same way. They help to bring up more blood to your scalp, so that hair growth improves.

DTH Blocking

The DTH hormone works precisely the opposite of the previous point. It blocks your hair follicles from growing new hair. However, you can reduce these hormones from your scalp with the help of copper peptides. Therefore, your hair growth will increase.

#2. Thymic Peptides

Apart from copper peptides, science also shows that thymic peptides are excellent for your hair. This was found in a study conducted by scientists, where they observed visible results in patients dealing with AGA and TE disorders. As the thymus component was already present in the medical industry due to its immunity restoring properties, it wasn’t a shock to see thymic peptides’ benefits.

#3. Biomimetic Peptides

The name biomimetic already explains that these peptides are a human-made form of the natural peptides found in your body. For this reason, they also work naturally. If you incorporate these peptides into your routine, you will notice an improvement in your skin, hair, and overall health. These peptides are mostly found in the cometic domain for different purposes.


Now that you know what kind of peptides can be beneficial for your hair, you should use them on a regular basis. The only factor you have to remember here is to opt for only reliable peptides and peptide-based products. Otherwise, you probably won’t see the benefits you’re looking for.

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