Keeping Motivated & Avoiding Bear-Like Qualities

Don’t make like a bear and hibernate for the winter. Be opportunistic instead! Typically, hibernation is a behavior adopted by bears to deal with the lack of available food and the hardships of winter.

The human body is magnificent and dynamic- we can live to our full potential during the cooler months by adopting other behaviors and maintaining our wellness with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

This is the perfect time of year to re-establish schedules and rejuvenate old routines. That ‘it’s still dark’ excuse is not a valid reason to skip early morning exercise.

Exercising first thing will wake you up for the rest of the day and those endorphins will keep you positive throughout a gloomy, wintry day. And regular exercise is also the best treatment for barbiturates abuse or Inhalants withdrawal symptoms.

Take stock of your current regime!

    • Is it appropriate for the weather conditions?
    • Do you need some jazzy new work-out gear to kick start the season?
    • How about a new playlist for motivation?

Take time to research the gyms in your area. Many offer seasonal specials or two-for-one deals at the start of the quarter.

By joining a gym in the best rehabilitation centers in us you can optimize your likelihood of staying active on wet and miserable days instead of lazing on the couch and complaining about the weather. Look outside the Melbourne winter gloom box and invest your energy in redecorating or gardening.

Go to the gym either on the way to or from work. For many of us, its a case of once we’re home, it’s game over!

As social activities slow with approaching cooler months maintain your social circles by starting or joining winter sports teams. If that’s not your thing, think about a martial arts class or indoor rock climbing.

Fight the temptation to stay inside. Pull-on something warm and get out into the crisp air. Get yourself an exercise companion and arrange to meet them or have them knock on your door a couple of times a week. This will lessen your chances of skipping a workout and snoozing instead.

Don’t forget about the food!

Switch up brekkie to a yummy porridge and keep an eye out for seasonal items to change up your dinner menus. Enjoy lazily trawling the web for recipes. Find yourself some winter warmers like casseroles, and soups. Consider a detox now that nights of catch-up drinks become more scarce. Continue to drink lots of water and seek out lovely citrus fruits and cleansing winter vegetables.

Without long summer nights and fewer outdoor distractions, this is the perfect time to set some goals around what you want to achieve. Learn to meditate, switch off, and turn your energy inwards. Reflect, listen, and replenish.

If all else fails, simply race off impulsively to one of our northern states for a quick escape and shot of vitamin D to escape the winter blues.

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