Dr. Theresa Dale Talks Immune System Health and Ways to Empower Your Body’s Natural Defenses 

immune system health


Natural Health Practitioner Dr. Theresa Dale examines holistic methods for keeping your immune system strong and ready to fight off disease.

In the wake of a global health crisis, many are now seeking ways to maximize immune system health and bulk up their natural defenses.

Recently, Natural Health Practitioner, Coach, and Best-Selling Author Dr. Theresa Dale examined natural ways to tend to your immune system, enhance natural immunity and decrease your short- and long-term risk of viral illness and disease.

Want to Boost Immune System Health? Consider the Holistic Approach

As a natural health expert, Dr. Theresa Dale understands the power and potential of holistic medicine, a health and wellness approach that should always be the first step toward building a stronger immune system.

“Our bodies are capable of doing incredible things if we just empower them with the natural resources around us,” says Dr. Dale, “Your adrenal glands will produce the hormones you need if you are nice to them, feed them the right foods, and have the right lifestyle.”

Many of the natural methods and behaviors Dr. Dale refers to include such healthy habits as:

  • Maintaining a nutrient-diverse diet
  • Getting plenty of sleep and rest
  • Getting vitamins from the sun and microbes from the earth
  • Pursuing music therapy
  • Maintaining an active lifestyle
  • Supplementing your diet with natural vitamins, supplements, and remedies
  • Avoiding prolonged stress or fatigue
  • Staying away from problematic chemicals and products that weaken immune health
  • Avoiding inflammatory foods like sugar and dairy products
  • Cleansing the body twice per year is essential and Dr. Dale has created her own gentle yet effective organic cleanses to detoxify all the filtering organs.

“Essentially, you are just getting out of the way for your immune system,” says Dr. Dale. “You aren’t actually boosting your immune system, as much as you are empowering it by not impeding it. Most Americans just don’t realize how bad the average habits are for their skin, organs, hormones, mood, and immune system.”

When You Really Listen To Your Body, You Can Take Meaningful Steps Toward Better Health

Dr. Theresa Dale dedicates her life to helping people better understand themselves and their personal health. Dr. Dale believes when you listen to your body and work to understand its needs, you’re in a much better position to improve your health and boost your body’s natural disease-fighting defenses.

As Dr. Dale knows, there is some overlap when it comes to what everyone needs to pursue and achieve better immune system health. Yet despite that overlap, each individual is quite unique, and one-size-fits-all solutions often do very little in terms of improving physical and emotional health.

“Why wait to fix a problem once it shows up?” says Dr. Dale. “Instead, I suggest we start with our healthiest self and only turn to more extreme medical treatments if necessary after that point. We need to start out on the right foot or we just have no ground to stand on. And, they are finding that those with better immune systems and stronger foundations of health are the ones who are less impacted by some of these nasty viruses taking others down.”

Achieving Good Health is a Process. It Requires Commitment

Preventing disease and improving one’s health, says Dr. Theresa Dale, requires patience, knowledge, self-control, and dedication, all things people often struggle with due to such elements as personal freedom, focus, and reactive traditional medicine practices.

“It’s not a quick-fix approach,” explains Dr. Dale. “I encourage my patients and audiences to take this moment in their lives and make a significant lifestyle change. Only regular practice of self-care is going to produce optimal wellness.”

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