Creating Culinary Superstars in Your Kids


Even if you are only a passing fan of cooking shows, you’ve likely seen the bright young faces of tomorrow’s culinary scene compete for prizes and notoriety. These kids have the skills of some of the top chefs in the finest restaurants. While they seem intimidating to those of us who try our best to just get a seemingly healthy dinner on the table, there is something your kids can learn from trying to emulate them or at the very least, watching them plan, prepare and plate these culinary masterpieces. A recent study shows that kids who watch cooking shows are more likely to eat healthier.

For many years now, I have had the pleasure of teaching children the value of healthy eating through culinary skills. As a former caterer and food critic and earning my monthly paycheck as a food and culinary nutrition writer, I know my way around a professional and home kitchen. But nothing comes close to what I have learned from the children that I teach. The classes integrate art, history, culture, writing, science, math, personal decision making, and of course, cooking. It’s everything I wish I had in a class in elementary and middle school.


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