Sherpa Chai Tea Review: The Best Tea in the United States?

sherpa chai tea review


Tea is loved throughout the world and just like any other love, tea lovers love to try different flavors. Mostly, the US base seeks out teas and coffees from other cultures.

For example, most of the people around the world usually try the taste of Kenya, Nepal, and Srilanka. These countries produce world-class teas and distribute them all around the world, which gains them new fans on the daily.

If you are living in the United States and want to get the best taste of Nepal for tea, then you are going to love Sherpa Chai teas.

Most of the time, when you are looking for a specific taste or type of tea, you can’t find it on the market at any official retail outlet. But sometimes, the only way to get your favorite product is to seek out the product online.

The best thing about Sherpa Chai is that Sherpa Chai is officially available via an online store which they manage themselves. They deliver a variety of their products all around the US and you can easily order the products through their website. Within a few days, you will get the product delivered right to your doorstep.

About Sherpa Chai

Sherpa Chai is one of the best tea providers offering organic and high-quality taste. They have been offering their tea since 2014 when they were founded by a famous Nepalese restaurateur, Pemba Sherpa. He tried different experiments for the betterment of the tastes in Nepal and then introduced the amazing taste to the United States market.

The Sherpa started the chain via the recipe which was completely based on the age-old family recipe which was passed down through generations. They, at the start, introduced black tea, ginger tea, and a variation in the spices with natural powders.

Their Tea is completely organic and comes in different flavors such as the traditional and cultural taste of different regions, especially Nepal. The spicy powder for tea is one of the most liked products in their overall product line.

This includes an unsweetened traditional tea that is famous for those on a diet or those who are avoiding sugar for health or personal reasons. The other flavors also include Honey Vanilla, Turmeric Ginger, Decaf Traditional, and many others.

This famous tea is also available in the form of powders or liquids depending on the methodology of the tea’s creation. Most of the tea on their website is instant tea which means that you just need to mix it with hot water or milk. Instant tea is usually famous for both travelers and at the office because it just takes a few minutes to be ready.

Talking about the tea of this company, spicy tea is a traditional chai of Nepal which includes 60% of the spices and the combination of the cayenne which makes it amazing in taste. This unique flavor combination is the reason why most people love this product after trying it.

The traditional Sherpa chai is another amazing product from this brand where people love this because of the amazing energy and taste of consuming this tea. According to Pemba, this recipe was introduced by the mother of Pemba when she used to prepare this tea for Pemba for trekking three hours daily to school.

Finally, their ginger tea is not alone as it comes with the turmeric and ginger giving a touch to the taste of spicy. This tea is not amazing in taste (some will love it, though!), but instead, this tea is amazing for its numerous health benefits. Health benefits are also paired with the energy benefits for even the label mentions using this tea for trekking to the top of Everest!

The Bottom Line

Personally, I love the taste of Sherpa Chai teas. My favorite tea is their traditional blend but my girlfriend loves the spicy flavor. You can tell the product is quality the moment you take a drink.

I used to drink generic teas until I discovered Sherpa Chai at a friend’s house last year. He introduced me to their product and I’ve been hooked ever since.

If you’re a tea lover and are bored of the same old flavors and products, I highly recommend you give Sherpa Chai products a go.

What’s your favorite tea? Have you tried Sherpa Chai teas? Let me know in the comments below…

Sherpa Chai is a U.S. based specialty chai beverage company founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 2014 by Nepalese restaurateur, Pemba Sherpa. Based on an age-old family recipe passed down through generations, Sherpa Chai features a robust blend of organic Nepalese black tea, fresh ginger, and a handful of delicate spices packed with all-natural healing powers. The 100% organic, Sherpa Chai beverages include a variety of specialty flavors, including Traditional, Spicy, Unsweetened Traditional, Honey Vanilla, Decaf Traditional, Turmeric Ginger, and others. For more information on Sherpa Chai, visit the company online at or on Facebook and Instagram @sherpachai. Press Kit Available Here:

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