Now Is Your Chance to See a Naturopathic Doctor Free!


Kick-start a custom plan for your happiest and healthiest life! Enter to win a personalized one-hour video consultation with a licensed naturopathic doctor today.

What’s Your Diet Style?

From Keto to Mediterranean—and everything in between—we tell you everything you need to know about today’s most popular dietary plans.

6 Weeks to a Pain-Free Life

Our editors have created a 6-week newsletter series that tackles various types of pain, and offers expert insight on combating it—naturally!

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

There has been a tremendous consumer driven demand for for medicine that is natural, non-toxic and non-invasive. If you are seeking an alternative to conventional medicine, here’s what you need to know.

Natural Solutions for Supporting Healthy Blood Pressure

In her monthly column, Naturopathic Medicine at Home with Amy Rothenberg, ND, she answers a reader’s question about how to keep blood pressure from rising to unhealthy levels. Diet, exercise and lifestyle changes go a long way to keeping those numbers in a healthy range.

Feed Your Immune System!

Here’s a way to make munchies support your immune system—and fight the Quarantine 15—with five easy, healthy treats for any occasion. Plus, seven things that weaken your immune system and four immune-fortifying herbs.

30 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life Now

We carefully selected 30 ways to overhaul your diet, health, beauty, and even mental well-being using vitamins, herbs, and other natural ingredients. Here’s to feeling great!

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