Coughing: What Vapers Should Know


Vaping has been quite successful in helping many people stop smoking traditional cigarettes for good. Those who have been smoking for a long time know how challenging it is to quit the habit.

This is mainly because of nicotine. The substance is highly addictive. But nicotine is not life-threatening, the many toxic chemicals in cigarettes are what tends to have adverse effects on the user. V

aping is relatively new to many people, and it tends to have its side effects. One of the most common side effects when vaping is coughing. Many people are used to this, but some find it irritating.

Coughing now and then when vaping may ruin the experience altogether. This makes many people leave vaping and go back to smoking, which is worse for their health.

Here are some of the ways that will be essential in helping you not cough when vaping.

Lower Nicotine E-Juice

Most people who vape to quit cigarettes tend to go for e-liquids with a high amount of nicotine. Since the body craves nicotine, it is understandable to go for e-juice with high amounts of nicotine. However, it is essential to note that a high amount of nicotine is most likely to create a harsher feeling. This is one of the reasons that make people cough when they vape. If you find it irritating and often cough when you vape, you should consider lowering the amount of nicotine. If you are having a hard time quitting cigarettes, you can start with e-liquid with a high amount of nicotine and then gradually reduce the amount as your body gets used to vaping. You should consider using high-power vaping devices like e hookah head to get the most nicotine even with lower strength e-liquid.

E-Juice Flavor

Many have come to like and stick to vaping because of flavor. E-liquids tend to come in many flavors. It is essential to find a flavor that you like. Though this may be uncommon for many people who vape, certain flavors tend to make some people cough. Most of the flavors that make people cough are strong menthols and citrus flavors. You should consider changing the flavor of your e-liquid to see if it is what is causing you to cough.

Recently Stopped Smoking

If you have recently stopped smoking and start vaping, it is common for you to cough regularly. You should not be alarmed when you cough when vaping for the first time. This is mainly because those who smoke tobacco cigarettes tend to damage cilia in their throats. Cilia are responsible for clearing mucus from the throat. As your cilia start repairing themselves, you are likely to cough when vaping. However, this will stop in the long run if you abstain from smoking.


Other reasons might be causing you to cough when vaping. They include how you inhale. You should not be alarmed when you cough since it is common and tends to stop with time.

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