How to Get Fit and Feel Fabulous

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Quite often, it can be difficult to find time to look after yourself and make yourself feel good. Whether you have a family to look after or a job to hold down, it can often feel that you cannot even snatch five minutes to yourself.

Unfortunately, nobody will give you free time; you have to make it. As silly as it sounds, you have to make time within your day to look after yourself and ensure you are looking fit and fabulous first and foremost!

If you’re ready to take your fit game to the next level, here are three things to immediately introduce into your life….

Put in the Work and Get Exercising

Maintaining a body shape or figure that works for you and no one else can be easier said than done, especially as you get older. It is known that your metabolism slows down when you age, making what you eat that little bit harder to burn off. So, now you know that you need to put in that extra work in the form of exercise, it’s time to start deciding what form of exercise you will be doing. It is important to build up exercise to a point where you just naturally do it a few times within your week. At first, it will feel like punishment, but as time passes and you start to see results, you will find it easier and enjoyable (yes, really!).

Look at Vitamins and say no to Yo-Yo dieting

Every now and again, it is great to get a nice little boost to your day, and this is how vitamins can make you feel. If you are lacking something within your diet, or are low, then essential vitamins for women is what you need to ensure you can be the best version of yourself every single day.

Dieting on and off and following fad diets can leave you feeling rubbish, and it can affect your health in the long term, especially if you are starving yourself or denying yourself something important such as carbohydrates. Rather than trying to adopt a new fad or yo-yo diet, why not try just sticking to a healthy and balanced diet where proportions are right for you and your body? Eating a little bit of what you like every so often won’t harm you as it is all about eating in moderation. Maintain a healthy weight that you are happy with by creating meal plans and by learning to compromise on what you eat and when.

Have Fun and Laugh

Isn’t this what everyone needs to do more of? To enjoy ourselves, stop holding on to the past, and embrace everything that we have now. Learn to appreciate even the smallest things in life, smile more, and celebrate everything that makes your life fabulous, whether this is your job, friends, partner, children, or possibly even grandchildren. Don’t let other people hinder your mood, instead learn to be happy yourself without being reliant on anybody else, this way, you can be fabulous every single day whether you are in others’ company or just on your own.


Whether you want to get fit to boost your ego, improve your health or maybe even a combination of both, you’re going to have to put in some work.

Ultimately, the first shift will occur when you change your attitude by making the decision to incorporate some healthy changes into your life. But, this is just the first step as action is where the magic happens.

By exercising regularly, dialing in your nutrition for the long haul, and having fun along your journey, a fit and fabulous NEW you is right around the corner!

Have you already started your fit and fabulous journey? What worked and didn’t work for you when it came to achieving your goals? Let us know in the comments below…

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