How To Choose The Best Toothbrush

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What Kind of Toothbrush Is Ideal for Your Gums?

Good oral hygiene always starts with the right toothbrush. The dentists from dentistry Harrisburg NC say, “One common reason for swollen gums and infections are toothbrushes.”

The problem is that people often don’t know how exactly to choose the right one for themselves. There are some things you’ll want to consider when picking an ideal toothbrush.

Do you have sensitive gums? How much do you want to spend? Are you buying this for your children? We are here to help you with it.

How to Pick The Right Toothbrush

Some of the main characteristics that you should consider when choosing the right toothbrush for yourself:

Manual or Electric

As long as you brush your teeth and gums every day, you don’t need to worry about the brush type. The essential thing is to remove the plaque build-up from your teeth and gums successfully. Maybe you should consider the price first. Try to think about it earlier to decide how much money you can set aside and invest in a toothbrush. The manual brush is cheaper, but some dentists say that you can not reach every inch of your mouth with it. In addition to the initial expenses of an electric brush, have in mind that you’ll have to replace the removable head as often as you replace the manual toothbrush. It might seem easier, but be ready to pay more.

Best Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

Finding the right brush for sensitive teeth and gums can be challenging. In this case, pay special attention to bristle variety. You can choose soft, medium, and hard bristles. The safest choice is always a soft-bristled toothbrush. There are some special electric brushes with a few programmable modes, including a sensor that alarms you if putting too much pressure on your gums. On the other side, you can always decide on a less expensive option- a non-electric toothbrush with soft bristles.

Best Toothbrush for Receding Gums

This type of problem is widespread today, especially when talking about elders. The best care you can offer your receding gums is by a manual toothbrush. With gentle brushing, at least twice a day, your soft-bristled toothbrush will remove all the plaque successfully without hurting your gums. The electric ones could be too harsh for you, and they can cause discomfort or even bleeding.

Best Toothbrush for People with Braces

If you have braces, that is just one more reason to invest in a high-quality toothbrush. Usually, it’s tough to reach every inch of your mouth, especially around wires and brackets. One of the best solutions could be a triple-headed electric toothbrush. It can clean your teeth at different angles, and it also has three modes. That is maybe a more expensive option, but it’s quick and easy. If you are not a fan of electric brushes, there is one more solution- the ordinary soft-bristled toothbrush.

Best Toothbrush for Children

When choosing the best toothbrush for your children, it’s more than essential to find the one that they will use regularly. There are many different types of manual and electric brushes for kids. Also, color is a significant factor, and you can find many great colors and designs for boys and girls. Some of the toothbrushes are specially designed with a Bluetooth connection and a mobile app that offers you detailed instructions for proper brushing techniques.


Choosing the right toothbrush for your gums is an excellent start for developing healthy habits. Not to mention that maintaining proper dental care can lower the risks of some serious dental diseases like receiving gums, cavities, or even oral cancer. If you still want to know something more about proper oral hygiene and brushing techniques, feel free to consult your dentist first.

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