Get To Know Your Mini Bands Before Your Next Workout


A mini band is a 9-inch flat looped band that’s great for targeting the smaller muscles of your hips, glutes, thighs, and shoulders. These bands are versatile, portable and can be added to both bodyweight or weighted exercises to add strength to smaller muscles that may be preventing your larger muscles from making major gains.

These bands may not look like much, but when you add them to certain exercises, mini bands will work your muscles in ways conventional moves may not. When my clients have trouble with feeling their glutes or upper back, strapping on a band will have them making weird faces in no time. In other words, these tiny objects can pack a powerful punch to your training.

As versatile and simple as they are, you need to watch out for things that make min band exercises less effective. Here we’ll go into mini band training tips and some common errors with popular mini band exercises.

4 Essential Mini Band Training Tips

As you might not feel the mini band exercise immediately, your ego may tempt you to go with a heavier band. But these exercises are not 1RM-type exercises, so there is no need to go too heavy. Instead, starting on the lighter side is best to ensure good form and a better mind-muscle connection.

Here are a few essential tips to consider when training:

  • For Safety Purposes: With lower body exercises, getting the band up over your shoes, around your feet, and into position is awkward. You can do this standing (or you can invest in a set of snap-on buckle-type bands), but it’s best to do this sitting down so losing your balance and ending up on a workout fail video doesn’t become an option.
  • Form Overresistance: If you’re new to mini bands, these will train your muscles differently and have you feeling them distinctively. You don’t want to compromise any mini band movement because you feel you can go heavier. Start light, nail form, and then move on to a heavier band.
  • Patience: There is no need to be in a hurry when putting a mini band over your arms and legs. Mini bands tend to roll up and pinch the skin. Trust me when I say this doesn’t feel great. so, taking your time putting them on is best.
  • Don’t Overstretch:  Like any other band, when they’re overstretched, they will break. Ever had a band snap against your skin? You don’t want to, it hurts.

Now let’s look at three popular mini band exercises and fix potential pitfalls before you strap the band on.

Top 3 Mini Band Exercises and Tips

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