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🥗 the HEALTH King

Nutrition, Dieting, Health and Fitness Tips

7 Douchebag Moves at the Gym That Ruin It for Others


We’re all adults here, but let’s face it, sometimes we forget some of the simplest lessons we learned as children. One of those is manners. Next time you’re at the gym, take a look around and you’ll notice it’s rife with infractions.

From the guy who spends too long texting while hogging the machine, to the one who’s coughing up a lung all over the place (unacceptable even before coronavirus became a thing, but now that just makes this particular gym crime 100-times worse). And don’t even get us started on the creeps who spend half their sessions trying to oogle the ladies wearing yoga pants—guys, you’re there to workout not find your next botty call. Focus on the weights, not the dates.

These missteps may not be done purposefully, but they happen nonetheless. You’ve definitely done at least one of them, again maybe not intentionally. We here at Muscle & Fitness want everyone to not only be as muscular as possible, but we also strive to make sure you’re an upstanding gym-goer. Part of that is being a good spotter whenever someone is in need of one, but an even bigger part is making sure all your fellow workout fanatics like you.

You probably workout at the same time every day, which means you see the same people day-after-day. Pissing any of them off will do you no favors.

Here are some quick tips to put your best foot forward and avoid being labeled a real D-bag at the gym.


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