Why Booty Bands Are a Hit

booty bands

What Are Booty Bands?

Booty bands, hip circle bands, or glute bands, are a type of resistance band that is stretchable.

These bands look like a large version of a rubber band but are uniquely designed to help you work out the lower body (knees, legs, calves, ankles, and mainly hips) by developing your glute muscles.

Glute bands are flat, wide, and around 12 inches in size. Generally, booty bands Australia are made up of latex. They are designed to place around the thighs, ankles, legs, and feet.

Booty Bands Resistance Levels

You can classify these booty bands based on color, strength, and resistance level.

Colour: yellow, red, blue, green, black.

Strength: extra light, light, medium, heavy, extra heavy.

Resistance level: 4-6 kg, 6-8kg, 8-10kg, 10-12kg, 12-14kg.

Benefits of Booty Bands


As compared to the other gym or muscle types of equipment, booty bands are less expensive it will cost you not more than $30, and you can quickly get the wide variety of booty bands in less amount of money from various e-commerce sites. The starting price of a booty band is around $10. It is beneficial for people who cannot afford the gym fees.

Easy to Carry and Portable

Because of their lightweight and compact size, booty bands are straightforward to carry. Suppose you have to go outside for an office job and you miss your gym then the booty bands help you a lot. You can bring your booty band wherever you go. All you have to do is put your booty band in your bag.

Less Space Needed

Because of the storage problem or less space problem, many people hesitate in buying gym equipment there is some gym equipment which needed more space. Still, booty bands solve all your questions they required virtually no space you can hang anywhere you want you can place this booty band in a small box. Because of the small size, you can carry this band anywhere you want.

Ability to Perform Various Exercises

The best advantage of booty band that you can perform different types of exercise depending on your body. It mainly helps in enhancing the performance of lower body parts by focusing on the gluteal muscles, but it can also help in other things like:

    • It helps you in fat loss.
    • It allows you to burn calories.
    • It helps you in body toning.
    • It helps you in hip mobility and range of motion.
    • It helps you in core and strength training.
    • It helps you in Injury prevention.

No Age Restriction

The best thing about the booty bands is that there is no age restriction any age group can use these booty bands, But they are mainly designed for females. Booty bands are so helpful for beginners and warm up your body. It can help you in developing glute muscles.

The Takeaway

If you want to improve your lower body structure, increase your strength, or simply just want to enhance your booty to attract a mate, you may want to go buy a good quality booty band. Why are you still thinking about it? Go and buy one!

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