7 Tips for Staying Healthy as an Artist

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Working with your hands, spending most of your day in the studio, and dealing with the stress of operating an art company can significantly impact your health.

While it’s somewhat normal to, as an artist, want to devote all your time to your profession, you should keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you’re just a human.

If you’re overworked, exhausted, and constantly getting sick, you won’t be able to create your best work. Instead, you need to find ways of staying healthy as an artist so you can continue to create art.

In this article, we compiled some of the best tips for maintaining mental and physical strength as a professional artist.

#1: Have a Daily Routine

First and most important, you need a routine if you don’t already have one. Because humans are creatures of habit, establishing a routine throughout your day will help improve your health. Believe it or not, lack of regularity may result in higher stress levels, poor diet, sleep, and productivity. Setting aside time each day to tend to your head is just as vital as working out your body, aside from scheduling your day for work.

Without a routine, it’s easy to get stuck into periods of highs and lows and go from forgetting to eat a single thing in a day to overeating when you’re feeling uninspired. The same goes for sleep, exercise, etc. So, figure out what routine works best for you. For example, start your day with a healthy breakfast, take some time out of the day to be physically active, and don’t force yourself to spend the remainder of the day working.

#2: Detox Your Studio

Another change that you can make that will affect you long-term is to purge all the pollutants from your studio. For starters, make a studio inventory. Make sure you’re keeping all dangerous items enclosed, and double-check the ventilation in your space. Make sure you open the windows at least a few times during the day to let in some fresh air. Consider renting a separate studio space if you are concerned that your supplies will be in the same area where you dine and sleep. Of course, in some parts of the country, separate studios can be quite expensive. However, there are some great places in the province that offer amazing spaces and conditions for aspiring artists.

#3: Think of Your Posture

As an artist, you probably spend much time slouching over a desk and staring at documents, tablets, or a computer. You will, however, feel less like a diligent artist and more like Gollum if you take a minute to consider the contour of your body. Believe it or not, maintaining excellent posture is really important, and it can hugely affect your health. If you can’t sit all the time correctly, at least make sure you do regular stretches in your chair and fix your posture before your back starts hurting.

#4: Ditch Fast Food

Because they’re always working on their next piece, most artists don’t have the time to cook homemade meals every day. This is where fast food comes in. However, as you probably know, eating fast food for almost all meals is extremely bad for you. If you can, you should try to eliminate all harmful food from your vicinity, especially soda and energy drinks. Instead, place an order for cooked food or prepare and pack your lunch before you get to the studio. Take into account a diet that promotes overall health. This can entail eating vegan, complete foods, or something else entirely. There are so many healthy food options to choose from.

#5: Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water is a no-brainer when it comes to tips for staying healthy as an artist. However, some still find it difficult to maintain proper hydration while working on a project they’re passionate about. It may be worse for artists, especially when their creativity is just beginning to flow.

You should drink at least eight glasses of water every day, according to health experts. Think about keeping a water bottle next to your workspace so you may drink from it from time to time. Additionally, think about setting up timers that will tell you when to take a sip.

#6: Go Outside

Have you ever finished a workday only to realize you didn’t go outside? This isn’t uncommon with artists at all, but it is unhealthy. The struggle is real, but so are the advantages of taking a little break from your studio or office each day for 20 minutes. So the next time you start to feel anxious and foggy, go outdoors and take a little stroll, sit on a park bench, and take in your surroundings. A walk around the park is a great way to stay active if you don’t have a home gym, and it can even inspire you to start a new project or make some changes to your old one.

#7: Don’t Isolate Yourself

People are social beings. Numerous health problems, such as melancholy, poor sleep, cognitive decline, poor cardiovascular function, and lowered immunity, can be brought on by social isolation.

Even if you work alone, connecting with other creatives may enhance your work’s quality, productivity, and well-being. Additionally, being among individuals who share your interests might help you remember why you initially fell in love with art. So, make sure you spend some time with your friends and colleagues every week and see your relatives as often as you can.

Final Thoughts

Being an artist isn’t easy. You have to be constantly creating and working on new, fresh ideas. When you put that kind of pressure on yourself, it’s easy to feel trapped and start overworking yourself. However, that can leave you with many more negative effects than positive ones. That’s why you need to be extra careful about staying healthy as an artist. Staying healthy, both physically and mentally, is the only way to ensure you continue creating art.

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