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🥗 the HEALTH King

Nutrition, Dieting, Health and Fitness Tips

M&F Editors’ Top Outdoor Workout Gear for Summer 2020


Let’s face it: 2020 won’t have the most fun summer ever. Beaches are reducing capacity to promote social distancing, many states are still forcing gyms to stay closed, and just about every concert has been cancelled until 2021.

But the weather’s still warming up and you do need a daily dose of Vitamin D. So even though you may not be meeting up with as many friends, you can still enjoy the outdoors by working out outside. Whether it’s just doing burpees in the park or getting away for a socially distant hike in the mountains, there are countless ways to get your heart pumping and keep that beach bod intact.

There are plenty of reasons to work out outside: the most obvious being that you get to enjoy the good weather. We spent way too many months bundled up inside to not soak up some sun rays when they finally decide to come out and play.

Secondly, it might force you to do some routines you may not have otherwise tried. Consistent routines are great, but you won’t know if you like a new regimen or not unless you try it.

And lastly, the sun is the best Vitamin D supplement you can get — and it’s free!

Just be sure to keep these tips in mind when you do workout outside.

To help you make the most of your outdoors workouts, we’ve compiled a list of the best workout gear. From equipment that’ll make your sessions more challenging, to the water bottle that’ll keep you hydrated, we’ve got just about everything you need.


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