How Decluttering Your Home Can Improve Your Health

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You might dread the thought of decluttering and doing a deep cleaning of your home, but once you read about some of the many ways decluttering can improve your mental and physical health, you will surely look forward to it!

Decluttering Has a Positive Effect on Your Mental Health

An untidy home can be a source of frustration and anxiety. Decluttering and keeping a home clean and tidy positively affects your mental health and your surroundings. The most important and well-known health benefit of decluttering is that it reduces anxiety, depression, and stress levels. Finding a place for all your items and having a clear, organized space around you will reduce the anxious feelings you might feel when in your home. You will have a greater sense of control in your life and feel calmer in your space. Besides that, it will positively affect your pets and household members. And you will feel much more comfortable inviting people over.

Believe it or not, decluttering dramatically influences your self-esteem and confidence. It’s one of the many methods of self-care. By cleaning and decluttering, you are doing something highly beneficial for yourself and the people in your home. You are improving the space you live in and bringing good habits into your routine. A feeling of accomplishment with it will give you the confidence boost you need to tackle other, more significant projects. Don’t worry if you seem to have a lot to clean up. In the beginning, it might not be easy to start decluttering, but with time it gets easier. After some time and with visible results, it won’t feel like a chore anymore; instead, it will make you happy when you see the progress that you’ve made.

Your Overall Happiness Will Improve

Many different things can affect our mental and physical well-being, depending on many outside and inside factors. Everyone who has decluttered their home can see their overall happiness level has risen. Coming home from work shouldn’t be stressful, and the last thing you want to think about on your way home is the mess and clutter waiting for you. Knowing that after work, you have a clear and clean space to come home to will make you feel much more relaxed and happy. And, if you work from home, you will find it much easier to concentrate, express your creativity, and be productive with fewer items in your sight. All in all, the lack of distractions will make it easier to focus on tasks ahead of you.

Decluttering has its challenges, such as deciding what to keep and what not. If there are certain things you want to keep but just don’t have the room for, put them away into storage. That way, you’ll be able to achieve your decluttering goals without giving up much. And you will have a chance to make your home as functional as possible. It’s best to sort and categorize smaller items into different containers. With a bit of preparation, oversized and bulky sentimental items won’t be difficult to prepare for storage. You should disassemble as much as possible before moving items into storage to make more room for other things and make transporting easy.

Small Steps Go a Long Way

Start small; you don’t need to do everything in one day. Find an area or room you’d like to tackle first, and once that’s finished, take a break and move on to the next. You will probably need to rethink what you want to keep and what not, and that’s okay. Once you decide, things you don’t need anymore can be sold or donated.

With all this extra space, you will move more freely through your home and have a place for new things. It will be easier to keep up with a cleaning schedule, and your chores won’t take as much time as before. Deep cleaning your home is the foundation for building new, better habits in your life. It also makes keeping up with chores more manageable and less overwhelming.

Decluttering Will Improve Your Physical Health

If you aren’t a fan of exercising but still want to be healthier, you should know that decluttering also gives you a chance to burn some calories. It will make you feel better and reenergized. And, if you or any of your household members suffer from asthma or allergies, decluttering will positively impact you. With fewer things in your home, there is less chance that dust or other allergens such as pet hair will accumulate. Allergens are much easier to control and get rid of in an environment with few things, as the space is much easier to keep tidy. Mold will also be less of a problem because you will much more easily ventilate your house.

Another benefit to decluttering regarding health is an improvement in your sleep schedule. A well-organized, clean room is a peaceful and relaxing place to fall asleep in. Keep as much stuff as possible out of the room, especially electronic devices. This way, you will have a little moment to relax and clear your head before going to sleep. Without so many things, you will feel more comfortable in your bedroom, and you’ll be able to fall asleep faster. One more thing to consider is the lower risk of injury. Remove all unnecessary clutter that can be a tripping hazard or a risk of falling from the top of the closets or cabinets. In particular, take some time to clear the hallways or stairwells for maximum efficiency.

In Conclusion

With all these things to consider, decluttering is worth the trouble. Once you begin getting things in order, you will see quickly how it can improve your health, both mental and physical. It will make you feel better not just to be inside your home, but it will also clear your mind and reduce your stress levels.

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