The Other Side of the Coronavirus Pandemic


It feels like there’s an awful lot of attention being paid right now to protecting ourselves from the physical effects of a virus epidemic. But what I don’t hear people talking about enough is how to protect ourselves from the non-physical effects.

As I point out in this video I just posted, the virus itself—statistically speaking—is unlikely to kill the average reasonably healthy person.

But the stress and anxiety it’s causing most of us—and the social disconnection and disorientation—may.

That’s why self-care is more important than ever. And why it’s so important that we continue to look for opportunities within this enormous challenge.

Check out the video, Find the Silver Lining, and, as always, let me know what you think!

PS: Fat Fiction: A New Film You’ll Want to See

PS. The long-awaited film, Fat Fiction, opened in LA last week and then all future showings were cancelled as the world essentially shut down. The silver lining in that particular cloud is that the producers moved up their scheduled Amazon date, and I’m thrilled to say that the film is available right now on Amazon, a year before it was supposed to be.

And with all of us having a lot more time on our hands, this is the perfect time to watch it, especially with relatives who still order “fat-free” yogurt and egg-white omelets!

The film is extraordinarily well-done, and worth seeing. I was honored to be included in a cast that featured Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Timothy Noakes, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, and many other luminaries in the world of low-carb and keto. It’s a fascinating look on how we got just about everything wrong when it comes to dietary fat. Check it out!

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